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I was born in 1955 as the youngest daughter in a family of 7 children. My father was a gentle,  rather absent scientist and my mother was an energetic and wildly artistic woman. Even before I was able to speak I was observing the groupdynamics between all those people. Thus I developed a sensititvity for the (often not expressed) feelings of others and the effect of their behaviour on each other.

I once studied Philosphy and Spanish Literature, both of which I did not finish. They did not make me happy. It was not until I started an education as a drama teacher at Theatre school that I realised this: The way people interact with each other, there lies my passion. It dawned on me then that I could make it my daily work.

From that moment on I worked as a trainer and coach under the name In Concreto. I learned how to work with Voice Dialogue and Essential Coaching, Mindfulnes and Non-Violent Communication. Playback Theatre and Restorative Circles.

Wonderful techniques and methods that made me understand myself and others much better. 

In the coaching I use a mix of all these methods and also ofcourse all I learned from my own quest in life.

I consider it an honour to be allowed to work in such a personal way with people. And to be able to help with the big questions in their lives. I love it when I see people grow more aware and independent. I hope to continue this wonderful work as long as I can.


I am a mother of a son and a daughter and grandmother of two boys. I left my partner when the children were young and for many years we raised them together in co-parenting. This was full of life lessons for all of us.

I am very grateful for my children and grandchildren.

And for the new relationship that I have been in for the last 35 years.

Other activities besides the coaching:


Playback Theatre is a form of improvisatonal theatre. My group is called Wij Spelen Jouw Verhaal (We Play Your Story). In my role as conductor I invite the audience to share a personal experience. After the story is told, the actors and musicians make theatre of it on the spot. Everybody listens to the story first and then watches the enactment and they see the teller watching his or her own story. A connecting experience. And a powerfull way to explore theme's in a team.

diversiteit in de sneeuw.jpg

Restorative Circles

'Restorative Circles' is a great way of dealing with conflicts. 
I always work with a colleague. Together we listen to the experiences of everyone that is involved. We start with a session with everyone seperate before we bring them together. The process continues till everybody feels heard and is able to see the other(s) in their full human potential again.  

Converdsations that matter

I train facilitators to lead so called 'Conversations that matter' in a team. These are dialogues in a group of colleagues about underlying values and drives behind their actions.

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