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Shine a light on your question



Are you in a difficult situation? Do you have the feeling you cannot deal with it anymore? Do you want to develop more awareness of your thoughts and feelings? Are you longing for a better relationship or a clearer light upon your question? Maybe I can help.

To be more myself

Better relationships

More awareness of my thoughts and feelings

Deal better with conflicts

A clearer light on my question

If this sounds familiar, maybe I can help you.

Individual coaching

I help you to get a clear vision of your question, problem or the situation you are dealing with. 

Relational coaching

I help you to really listen to each other. Growing together is possible if you are both motivated.

I wish that everybody who has had traumatic experiences, recently or in the past, could have this coaching with Wendela: approachable, intelligent and warm.

Jos, teacher


I like to explore their inner life with people and to help them deal with the big issues in their lives. I love to see them become more conscious and more independent. And I love to help people find their own free space within their relationship and to rediscover their love for themselves and each other.

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