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I stand beside you, not above you.
I walk with you for a while to help you look at your proces with more love and understanding. I listen to your story, also to the parts you are not aware of. I help you to find the right words and I don't judge. Every topic can be adressed, also the issues you feel ashamed about.

This is how I work:

We explore the context together and the part you play in it, making use of the methods below with the intention to give you more awareness over your feelings and needs, your patterns, your blind spots and how you interact with people. I connect with your situation and I let you know my obervations.

Voice Dialogue

Is a playful and intense way of becoming more aware of your personality.

Essential Coaching

Observed from your essence you see your relationship and possibilities differently.


Mindfulness will help you to relax when you have awareness of your breath and of your bodily sensations. You will be able to experience consciously what happens in the here and now.

Non-Violent Communication

Non Violent Communication is  a clear way of communicating without judging. It helps you to improve your relationships.

"Besides her professional approach I felt Wendela's warmth and sincerity. I recommended her to my colleagues because with Wendela's coaching you can reach your essence. She helps you to open up. She has 100% attention for you and your feelings."

Sophia, management assistente

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