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I like to listen to your story when you come to me with a question or a problem. We explore  together the  context. What do you want in your life en how can you get there? What is your essence en where is your strength. We search together for the root of your problem. Then solutions become visible.

We look at the here and now and at the past. How did you end up in this situation? Is there anything stopping you from taking certain steps and making choices? What options are there and what can you do?

We look at what your own role is in the situation, so that you feel less like a victim and regain the feeling that you have an influence on the situation. Your patterns will gradually become visible. We are looking for where they come from. We work on healing the pain and blockages from the past, so that you find more freedom.

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Individual coaching 

I will help you gain insight into your question or the complex situation you are in. Together we investigate everything that plays a role, where you have blind spots, also where it hurts. You grow at your own pace towards a calm place where you can see what you want most and how you could achieve it. Or you learn how to live with the loss that exists.

Relationship coaching

Sometimes it is a challenge to live with a partner. If you cannot deal with it anymore, I can help you to listen and understand each other better. It is essential that you express your feelings and needs. I can coach you with that.

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